USDA Issues!!

18 Dec

            We would like the USDA to reissue a press release that would clarify the beef recall press release. Explanation of role of USDA inspected plants is to provide protection to both the public AND producer in the event of a non-compliance issue and providing a firewall that would allow for the highest level of scrutiny. And that the USDA had inspectors on site all the time processing was done.
            Additionally we would like an explanation/investigation why the USDA can have staff on site during the entire length of the recall (over 8 months). Had they done their job in the first place then the impact of any non-compliance would have been greatly reduced.

           The failure of the USDA to do its job has resulted in irreversible damage to our company. We have built this company and its excellent reputation for 22 years only to have a poorly crafted press release severely affect our ability to remain a viable business.




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