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Memorial Day Meat Safety!

23 May

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Here is an educational tid bit on how to properly cook your meat.

Still need beef for your holiday weekend BBQ? Pick it up today at the following retail locations:

Beavers Market– Fort Collins, CO
Cured– Boulder, CO
Niwot Market – Niwot, CO
Isabelle Farm Store– Lafayette, CO
Pope Farms Store– Greeley, CO
Steamboat Mountain Food- Lyons, CO
Or give us a call to pick up from the office! We sill have great specials for the month of May!


Common Cuts of Beef

15 May


Screenshot 2014-05-15 13.12.58Need to brush up on your cuts of beef? We found this awesome visual guide online from Primer’s Magazine. Click Here to be directed to the site and learn all about it. When you scroll over each area it tells you all the information you need to know about each cut of beef. This will make cooking a breeze!

May Day, May Day! May Specials are here!!!

1 May


  • Ground Beef Patties- $5.50/ lb. (Reg. $6.00/lb.)

  • Ground Beef-$5.00/lb. (Reg. $5.50/lb.)

  • All Sausage and Bacon-$7.50/lb. (Reg. $9.00-$11.00/lb.)

  • Short Ribs-$4.75/lb. (Reg. $5.50/lb)

  • Osso Bucco-$4.00/lb. (Reg. $4.50/lb.)

Wanting to stock up on an awesome deal? FILL YOUR FREEZER for only $490.00!!!

6 New York Strips
6 Sirloin Steaks
4 Tri-Tip Steaks
2 Rib-Eye Steaks
2 Flat Iron Steaks
4 Roasts
1 Brisket
1 Pack Short Ribs
1 Pack Osso Bucco
4# Stew
4# Fajita
4# Patties
25# Ground Beef

Give us a call or email us today! 1-866-414-BEEF or 


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